Monday, December 12, 2011


Are you Existing or Living? Think about that for a moment. There are times when we allow ourselves to fall into a state of monotony. We experience a narrowing of the tunnel vision that we may not have known we played host to. Our very own sense of awareness of the pleasant things all around us begins to dull and the simplest interaction with others is conducted with eye contact, if any .. void of sincere interest. We rise, go about our day with the purpose of getting through to the end, and we lay ourselves down to do it all over again. That is Simply Existing. The simplicity of it is an effortless and ungrateful state of being. No reasonable amount of effort is being placed forth an no gratitude is being felt for Being Given Another Day. 
The objective should be to “Fail to Merely Exist” and “Strive to Live a Purposeful Life”. Stop and smell the roses....No, Really! Let all of your senses take in the footprints of God all around us. Return a smile, but when you do Smile From Your makes a difference. Stop to help a stranger without day it could be you in need. Take a moment or several to really see how much beauty there is in nature, let the sun envelope your face while the breeze embraces you. Visit your favorite bakery, or coffee shop or wherever it may be and revel over the wonderful scents dancing in the air. Take the time to really taste the flavor of things.  Listen to the calming sound of the rain with your eyes closed and imagine each drop coming to life as it bounces back from its surface. Be playful and adventurous, throw a blanket down outside on a beautiful day and let your fingers run through the soft green grass!
You get creative my friends! There are soo many ways to Truly Start Living, and it’s Never too late to do so. The first step is to understand that Each Day IS a gift. There is no “problem” that exists that is going to stop you from seeing tomorrow. There is only one person who holds your cards, and in the meantime He too wishes for you to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Go ahead! Create the longest list you can of “I’m soo glad I did that’s”. Trust me, to have that to look back on at the end of your days can shape your last and Most Important smile :)  

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