Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Louise Hay "You Can Heal Your Life"

This is Part 1 of 11. I Implore You to watch all of them on You Tube. If you have an open mind..It CAN Heal Your Life :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

This Made ME Smile ~

The Make a Wish Foundation is Truly Wonderful...As Is Tim Tebow.

Everything Happens for a Reason!

Sometimes when the rain is constant, it appears as if living things will inevitably drown. It's not until after the sun appears and works in harmony with what has fallen do we see the reason for that coupling...and the light speaks it's own words.

Be a Complete You First ;)

"All our young lives we search for someone to love, someone to make us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope, all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, someone perfect is searching for us.”
~ from the movie, The Wonder Years

Yes my friends, life is full of heartbreak. But, none hurts More than that of shattered hope of reciprocated love. Although, some would and will deny it, as human beings we all desire to be loved. The problem lies in trying to fill voids through others before even loving ourselves enough to Know what and who is Truly Good for Our Souls. Do I personally believe that another Can “complete” us...Yes I do. I DO believe that two souls can flourish through each other. But it Should NOT be what we seek.   
We Must first be content with Ourselves. Until we are, we are Not well equipped to open the door of possibilities when it comes to relationships because we are not bringing a “complete” and stable motion to the table. 
Once prepared, we should favor an individual that supports, encourages, believe’s in, and simply Compliment’s us as a person. That is a solid foundation to begin with in the quest for Genuine Love :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seek Wisdom...Grow More :)

Don’t Ever get complacent about your need to Keep Growing as a person. Wisdom is an immeasurable gift that sits in a state of longing until the openminded soul embraces it. It WANTS to be discovered. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let Faith Guide You

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

                                                                                                     ~Martin Luther King


Are you Existing or Living? Think about that for a moment. There are times when we allow ourselves to fall into a state of monotony. We experience a narrowing of the tunnel vision that we may not have known we played host to. Our very own sense of awareness of the pleasant things all around us begins to dull and the simplest interaction with others is conducted with eye contact, if any .. void of sincere interest. We rise, go about our day with the purpose of getting through to the end, and we lay ourselves down to do it all over again. That is Simply Existing. The simplicity of it is an effortless and ungrateful state of being. No reasonable amount of effort is being placed forth an no gratitude is being felt for Being Given Another Day. 
The objective should be to “Fail to Merely Exist” and “Strive to Live a Purposeful Life”. Stop and smell the roses....No, Really! Let all of your senses take in the footprints of God all around us. Return a smile, but when you do Smile From Your makes a difference. Stop to help a stranger without day it could be you in need. Take a moment or several to really see how much beauty there is in nature, let the sun envelope your face while the breeze embraces you. Visit your favorite bakery, or coffee shop or wherever it may be and revel over the wonderful scents dancing in the air. Take the time to really taste the flavor of things.  Listen to the calming sound of the rain with your eyes closed and imagine each drop coming to life as it bounces back from its surface. Be playful and adventurous, throw a blanket down outside on a beautiful day and let your fingers run through the soft green grass!
You get creative my friends! There are soo many ways to Truly Start Living, and it’s Never too late to do so. The first step is to understand that Each Day IS a gift. There is no “problem” that exists that is going to stop you from seeing tomorrow. There is only one person who holds your cards, and in the meantime He too wishes for you to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Go ahead! Create the longest list you can of “I’m soo glad I did that’s”. Trust me, to have that to look back on at the end of your days can shape your last and Most Important smile :)  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There Are Signs of Comfort All Around You :)

In the peaceful night she looked upon the stars seeking answers to her qualms. The lunar radiance enveloped her face and held it in a brilliant gaze…a SMILE then shaped, as she assimilated the smell of fresh grass, and the crickets song. 

..When you become overwhelmed, seek solace in the beauty all around you!

And Santa thought "Oh My!..."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here's Some Utter Cuteness!!! Enjoy!

Watch Out! His Expressions WILL give you a Smile Cramp!!

Don't be the Jester to Deceit !!

Sometimes the manifestation of inconceivable truths leave us confounded at our own inability to see it coming. It’s important not to allow such disappointments to blemish the trust in others that resides in our nature, but to move forward with gratitude for this newfound knowledge and realization that you are no longer playing the jester to deceit. Life's rough stones can be Polished AND Employed.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Fear of Trusting...

Pistanthrophobia - The fear of trusting people/someone. Yes it has a name. My first thought was, “Wow the mere fact that a person exists with this phobia seems sad.” Then immediately after, I legitimately humbled myself with the realization that at different points in My Own life..I Too suffered from this. It’s a painful and lonely situation and sometimes betrayal is it’s predecessor. 
As I have and always will negative can exist without a positive. On the downside of this existence one may think, “How can they have True friendships, or ever Really Love? How can they Ever feel at ease around another, .. ever exhale without fear of someone else inhaling the Last Bit of Oxygen?” Extreme? Yes, perhaps so. But we Must remember that we all are students in life. With That being said, some of the harshest lessons are the ones that set our personal molds, shaping us into who we now are...hence, the upside. 
So as we are suffering through the state of this six syllable phobia, we Must recognize that there most definitely IS a light at the end of the tunnel. But in order to reach it we must allow ourselves time to heal but Not dwell there, realize that Not Everyone who comes into our lives Will hurt or disappoint us, and acknowledge that pain has the ability to metamorphose to strength in the end which is what we call Resilience. And THAT my friends is a wonderful state of being :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hope Can Transform Your Life....NEVER Lose Hope!!

Some would say at our lowest moment(s) is when we need to have the most hope. The truth is, hope should accompany us in every venture of our lives, fueling us, giving us determination, gumption, and sheer tenacity to Only look ahead with faith. When we acknowledge the sands in our hourglass without knowledge of where the last granule rests, we live More fulfilling lives with appreciation for each moment we are blessed with. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Power of Affirmations

Negativity robs us of precious moments of happiness that can never retrieved. The cycle of affirmations thrives on intense emotions and locks in on that wavelength as More of That like emotion manifests. The key is recognizing that You have TOTAL Control. YOU can break the cycle regardless of it’s duration. All you need to do is to shift your focus Away from the deepening depths of frustration or despair. Remember, out of Every negative there IS a positive, for one cannot exist without the other...hence Yin-Yang. If you are unable to discern a positive out of that current situation (no worries..the answers WILL Come later) mentally withdraw yourself from it and revisit the things in your life that you are Genuinely Grateful for. Let the awareness of Gratitude flow freely through you until the tension is set free and your Smile is rediscovered. And don’t forget, Smiles Are Contagious! By finding your own, you may be creating others :)

Be Prepared for What is to Come!

Throughout our personal journey, people come into our lives with a purpose designed solely by fate. Each moment shared with another presents an opportunity to cultivate our souls through learning, laughter, AND tears. From an overjoyed heart to a broken one, a predestined time line runs its course and new faces will sometimes replace the old..Each happening leaving us better prepared for what is to come!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
             ~Theodor Suess Geisel 
            Writer, Cartoonist, Animator

"Everything Happens for a Reason."

Every moment we offer to "What Could Have Been" is a portion of time that we are Not moving forward. Don't let "What Could Have Been" grab you by the ankles, appreciate how far you have come and who you have become since it "Never Was".

Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't Be Deceived....

There may have been a time in your life when you struggled Not to hang your head with doubt and despondency, when troubles seemed to outnumber triumphs and when succumbing to the negation of hope felt imminent. As human beings we ALL have had such moments with varying durations. It’s when Those junctures begin to wane that we can truly take ownership of our awareness of the existence of malevolence. It wants Nothing More than to pull us further into the glacial chasm of despair so that we can No Longer Remember the warmth of Joy and Reliance. It is imperative that we Recognize when we are being drawn in by the shimmer of the masqueraded lure that Truly lacks luster... By doing so, our Energy remains in the Positive which in turn will  forge the Happiness we deserve ;)

Appreciate Who You Are :)

"There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad."
~ Salvador Dali

Have you ever found yourself trying desperately to fit someone else’s mold? It’s awkward isn’t it? You can literally feel the discomfort of your being’s inability to conform to it. Yet, we relentlessly try to cram in thinking if we remain persistent We will “get it right”. Well, I’m here to tell you that there IS Nothing Right about this type of situation. Anyone who truly cares about you is going to accept you for your own individual qualities without question or judgement. Your attributes are what make you unique to anyone else, and That is how God intended it ..You to be. The key is to Know Who You Are and Embrace It. Your creator thinks you’re perfect..try to see yourself through His Eyes.

Be Willing to Nurture Possibilities.....

Feeling a deep longing for another is not a sign of weakness…It is an acknowledgment of your willingness to nurture possibilities, even if only a muse. The loneliest of hearts yield to boundless doubts that impede fate and feed conjecture. Wear the charm of Chance proudly over your heart and Invite "Possibility" into it.  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some Thanksgiving Sillys..Enjoy!

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!

When you wake up this Thanksgiving morning, before your feet even hit the ground close your eyes again and reflect on this past year. Visualize the moments that vehemently stand out ...but Before you proceed I want you to Toss Out ALL of the negative and/or painful memories. ERASE them from this collage that will begin to form in your mind. And as you admire this composite of validity for the smile that will be forming on your face, unite those visions with their respective emotions. Invite your sensory memory in and recall the way you felt during those moments, remember the warmth or chill of even a breeze and scents that are specific to them. And as you begin to relive these times vicariously through your Very Own recall, feel yourself enveloped with positivity and joy then ..say a little prayer of gratitude, because at That Very Moment it couldn’t be More Heartfelt & Genuine. Now THAT is how you want you feet to hit the floor this Thanksgiving morning!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Strength of the Heart!

There is speculation as to which muscle in the human body is the strongest. Some say it’s the tongue and some say it’s the heart. I am absolutely confident that the heart wins here. I have been witness to and sustained the damage to say in confidence that one person can endure so much suffering and still the heart wants to persevere. It continues to pump and recycle vitality throughout, Even When it’s host has eluded hope and forgotten it’s flutter. 

Never Frown :)

“Never frown, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

"You Are Not Alone".....

Oblivious to what others perceived, she hung her head and sauntered aside her silhouette. Draping downward like a crooked shadow, it corresponded to doubts and regret. Her smiles acted as a charade to the sorrows of her days then gloom diminished when approached a pleasant face, then arms enfolding her to his grace. "You are not alone" he advised, as he wiped her tears and let them fall from HIS eyes.

A little Ha Ha for ya!!

Send Up Your Prayers :)

Don’t hesitate to have conversations with God, because he truly listens! REMEMBER...Prayers that are unspoken will go unanswered! 

Love Yourself!...Then Love Selflessly!!

Here’s the thing, some of us love Deeply. We simply have no control over it. I’m Not talking about an unhealthy, obsessive, possessive type of love. I’m talking about unconditional, selfless, wholehearted, unadulterated Love for another. The unhealthy version originates from a lack of self love where the benefactor looks to fill a void within themselves by way of obsessing for someone else. The obsession does Not necessarily encompass the physical aspect of being with another but more so, the emotional desire to be desired. Those in a state of misguided love are never fulfilled because the illusions that they create are Just That. 
On a more rewarding note, organic and unadulterated love certainly Does exist. It is an emollient to the soul of one who first recognizes how to love themselves.  There are No expectations of reciprocation to proceed sincerity and No mirages created by wishful thinking. Those on the giving end simply Love selflessly and experience joy in knowing that the recipient was brought into their life for a purpose designed by God. Individuals who are primed to love in this capacity understand that there is much to learn and are genuinely grateful for every moment that their heart is granted contentment. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stay Focused and Determined!!

Sometimes you may find yourself walking sideways when you're dead set on "forward".. Distractions, in their various forms, have a tendancy to pull us from our own center of gravity. The Moment we recognize the barriers they have put in place, we MUST muster up the determination to eradicate them with a renewed Focus on our aspirations. ..The end result of a will that would NOT waver is Fulfillment!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Blessing to Someone Else

Sometimes when you’re at a complete loss and you begin to find yourself questioning “why” things happen or perhaps Keep happening, you should exhale and take a step back. Step far enough back to view your own picture as a spectator. Appraise what is going on Around You in that picture. Are their Others significant to it’s intricacy? Do they appear to be absorbing their interaction with you, perhaps walking away from the scene in a beholden state? See at That moment you have Become a blessing to Someone Else. You have served a splendid purpose bestowed by God and you have acted as his hand in the situation. My friends..God not only works For You he works Through You. And in hindsight, if That doesn’t answer the question to your “whys”...take comfort in knowing that the answers ARE in transit as you are helping someone else find theirs :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Your Passion Fuel You!

Sometimes the things we want so desperately are the very things that are holding us back from obtaining true joy. When we choose to ignore the Dead End signs and release ourselves from the tyranny of an Idea that has incessantly failed to come to fruition, the intended Lesson was deprived of it’s objective. It does us no good to remain stagnant. Shift the passion in a different direction now that you have found it within yourself..The lesson to be learned is that It Does Burn Inside Of You! Let it fuel your Next move :)

One of the MOST Profound Speeches I have Ever Witnessed!

A young girl Passionately addresses the UN Conferenced about the Environment and captivates her audience. This is Truly awe-inspiring! It should open all of our eyes to brilliance and humanity that can and does reside within our youth....AMAZING ;) 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gravitation of Two Like Souls

Beautiful is Beautiful, no matter What hue we emerged with. I as many others can and do appreciate ALL beautiful beings, however it would be remiss of me to Not say that the true beauty of a person resides Inside rather than Out. You can be a walking Adonis on the outside and the devil incarnate on the inside..the choices we make with what we are given truly matter.
God creates no one person better than the other, each is an individual masterpiece that he created with precision, intention and love. With That being said, each attribute that he has bestowed on us contributes to the molding our spirit...and Our Souls Gravitate to others Of Their Likeness. Hence, when two people are drawn to each other in befell Simply because It Was Meant Be ..THAT unbiased providence is a BEAUTIFUL Thing

Appreciate Who You Have Become!!

Every moment we offer to What Could Have Been is a portion of time that we are Not moving forward. Don't let What Could Have Been grab you by the ankles, appreciate how far you have come and who you have become Since it Never Was.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hands Outstretched

The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.
~The History Boys: The Film

Learn to Let Go

Over the past several days I have had many conversations with someone whom I love about the need to let go. There comes a point in your life when you realize that holding on to something or someone takes more work or energy than what your intuition considers normal. Your gut starts to battle with your heart in a will war to make things right. While all along the sense of progression becomes inexistent. What was once a healthy situation is now a waning one and there is little rope left to throw.

Although heart-rending, this is a natural occurrence in life that leaves us more knowledgeable at closing than we were at the dawn. And If we take away what we were meant to assimilate, we proceed primed for what is yet to come. The simple solace in closing the door to a once endearing passageway is Knowing more rewarding ones lay waiting.      

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Windows to Our Souls

There will be times when the sunniest of skies surrender to clouds and the distance between them is plagued with darkness. The most jovial of spirits encounter trying times, even when it is Not apparent to others. In this silence they endure, yet .. The windows to our souls always speak the truth. Let us not forget how precious this gift of friendship, family...LOVE is!..Be aware of what resides within those eyes!!

Great Friends are Rare Gems! Recognize the "Glow" :)

Great Friends = The rarest of gems that emit the most beautiful glow. Sometime the hint of it is seen imbedded inside the unpolished exterior that has weathered the elements. BUT it is visible nonetheless... And when coupled with a kindred spirit, the glow illuminates even the darkest chasms that one may have retreated to when they felt their inner torch begin to flicker. The key is to “know the glow”..What is genuine will Always Remain. i.e. A good person simply is..a good person even during difficult times. 
And,...Sometimes, A Rock is Just a Rock, cold, heavy with unattractive sediments, and uglier inside than on the outside. As we get older and wiser we learn to Stop collecting those, and Start tossing them out of our pockets. Life is too short to keep unpleasant things A Stones Throw Away.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You to ALL Who Serve!

Many of us find it hard to wish someone a "Happy Veterans Day" simply because of the sacrifices that were and are made by so many selfless men and women. Some have made the Ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our Great country, and for that we should be forever grateful. 

So staying with the theme of this blog. I thought I'd reflect on a simple reason that Veteran's Day SHOULD make us smile. First and foremost, our Freedom. It is very easy to nit pick at the little things and say that "This Country Needs Work"..let's face it, people do it every day. The fact is that our little things are Just That compared to the atrocities that some other countries face as a normal way of life. We should Not forget that our brave soldiers contribute to keeping it that way. 

Suffice it to say..there Are such things as Super Heros! And if you are a parent of a young child your mind can rest at ease knowing that you don't have to resort to comic books or far-fetched stories to pique their interest. Whether you are enlightening a young one or personally in need of uplifting, you can simply Google the story of Any brave soldier near or far and share your inspiration. I don't know about You, but That Alone makes ME Smile :)

Happy Veteran's Day!!

Selfless Love is Like THIS:

Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe me."
Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the whole sky.
~ Hafiz of Persia

A Great Quote About Love

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, and makes us reach for more. That plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And thats what youve given me. Thats what Id hoped to give you forever."
 ~The Notebook 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Savor the Essence!!!

The sampling of life's multitude of flavors requires you to leap fearlessly into it's glass of wine and savor the essence. Every texture, aroma, and sensation felt upon your tongue is the authenticty of our blessing from the Devine. Resolve to consume this boundless sustenence, and allow it to envelope your awareness of the attainable...Curiosity has the potential to open up doors that have never been considered.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Show me a person who doesn't like to laugh and I'll show you a person with a toe tag." - Julia Roberts

It's Impossible to Laugh Without Smiling :) :)

What Optimism Can You Take Away from this Day??

What optimism can you take away from THIS DAY? This Day IS Special because you have Never been here before, and you Never will. It is Remarkable For That Reason. There are Some Who WILL NOT see This Day, and Some Who Will Refuse to See it.  
Some will Treat it Like Yesterday, Look Past it to Tomorrow and Idly turn the page Without Comprehending the Contents. THIS Day’s Splendor should Not Be Overlooked..There’s an Author Working Hard to keep you Enthralled about Your Book.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Remember You are Blessed

As you enter this day I want you to reflect on ALL that is Positive, Wonderful, & Beautiful in your life. Let go of whatever may have troubled you this week & Focus on the Good. Realize that You Were Given This Day and Some were not. Remember that You ARE Blessed & Loved, Even during times when you May Have Forgotten. Know that it’s okay to move forward without hesitation leaving behind Any negativity that is holding you back. Remember that Your Smile may help somebody Do The Same :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lil Rhyme About Resilience

 A skulking menace manifests with an agenda in hand
To whittle away the will of the rigid yes,..that is it’s plan.
See, wise to what we have control over..and what to let be, 
..a pliable mind validates maturity. 
Resilience takes time, it takes disappointment and pain
to get to the point where your strength does not wane.
You’ll No Longer Break .. ‘cause you know your way,
and in the winds of change your branches now sway.
Spite Malignancy.. it’s goal’s to distract make you hover in a state of lack. 
Be Irrepressible You, you’ve come too far
Just Stiff Arm Dr. Evil then ask the Devil to Spar.


Don't take even the smallest moments for granted & Always be grateful for who God brings into your life.. to learn from Or to Love, because Giving from the Heart will effect what you Get in return when done with sincerity & conviction.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Quote from Groucho Marx :)

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

~ Pay Attention in Class ~

Trying times serve as a Rite of Passage for each of us. With every blow to our perceived wisdom, we should be humbled at our own naivety. And at the conclusion of each lesson, the wiser will take away knowledge that is relevant to their own fate and deploy it as such. It suffices to say that the First Wise Move Would be to Pay Attention In Class :)

Your Magic Carpet

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it twice...Life Is Meant to be Abundant. There are People, Places, and Things, As Well as an Inert way of thinking that have the potential to slow down our Intended Progression and There’s NOT a Magic Carpet that will hover outside of our doors waiting for us to jump on so that it can transport us to our Aspirations. What is it that You Desire? And How Badly do you Want It? If the answer to these questions is Roaring within you..Be Cognizant Of The deterrents that will be deliberately placed to dissuade and foil your focus. Remain steadfast and employ That Roaring Will of Yours ..It Alone Can Serve as you Magic Carpet! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Integrity of Aesthetics

When looking into the eyes of a beautiful soul one may become captivated by the depth of integrity, the exquisite nature of that being,… the irresistible need to know more. Moments like these remind us that the true aesthetics of a person cannot be seen with a passing glance. Taking the time to genuinely become acquainted may prove to be a greater blessing than you can imagine. :)

Self Love

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
- Oscar Wilde

The Friendship Vine

The vine of true friendship entwines around various facets of our lives… inherently, extending to the parts of us that are open to the elements, Sometimes holding us Up Over The Soil. It's grip never falters regardless of the weather!

Splendid Is Today

What optimism can you take away from THIS DAY? This Day IS Special because you have Never been here before, and you Never will. It is Remarkable For That Reason. There are Some Who WILL NOT see This Day, and Some Who Will Refuse to See it.  

Some will Treat it Like Yesterday, Look Past it to Tomorrow and Idly turn the page Without Comprehending the Contents. THIS Day’s Splendor should Not Be Overlooked..There’s an Author Working Hard to keep you Enthralled with Your Book.

Sometimes we can feel BIG LOVE from the littlest things!

Here's my little dog Tristan at the park. He Really Does Inspire My Smile even on the toughest days :)

A Quote from Maya Angelou :)

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Great Day!

Today is Already a Great Day because it has been given to Me. I am upright and ventilating and with Every exhale I am so Very Grateful :) Today I will Remember to Thank God for all the hardships I have been through because, without Those Lessons I couldn’t have gained knowledge. I will remember to Thank God for all of the special people in my life who Love me enough to speak the truth with a Caring Voice..even when it may not be what I want to hear, ...Yet Respect me for Who I Am and Appreciate Our differences. I’ll thank him for the Gifts & the Guidance that he has bestowed upon me because I am now Confident that I can achieve great things. And for the Blessing of those who bring me Joy and Laughter simply by having a Beautiful Spirit. You guys are the Best!  ... Like I Said....Great Day!   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Direction of Fate

There are moments in life when our desires may shift to a place we never before would have imagined. We find ourselves pondering new possibilities that come into existence, & reevaluating our current status. The lidless eye of fate steers us towards people, places, & events shaking up our curiosity & sometimes reigniting flames in our idled joy. Have a conversation with your soul and see if it's time to hit the gas!