Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lil Rhyme About Resilience

 A skulking menace manifests with an agenda in hand
To whittle away the will of the rigid yes,..that is it’s plan.
See, wise to what we have control over..and what to let be, 
..a pliable mind validates maturity. 
Resilience takes time, it takes disappointment and pain
to get to the point where your strength does not wane.
You’ll No Longer Break .. ‘cause you know your way,
and in the winds of change your branches now sway.
Spite Malignancy.. it’s goal’s to distract make you hover in a state of lack. 
Be Irrepressible You, you’ve come too far
Just Stiff Arm Dr. Evil then ask the Devil to Spar.

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