Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great Friends are Rare Gems! Recognize the "Glow" :)

Great Friends = The rarest of gems that emit the most beautiful glow. Sometime the hint of it is seen imbedded inside the unpolished exterior that has weathered the elements. BUT it is visible nonetheless... And when coupled with a kindred spirit, the glow illuminates even the darkest chasms that one may have retreated to when they felt their inner torch begin to flicker. The key is to “know the glow”..What is genuine will Always Remain. i.e. A good person simply is..a good person even during difficult times. 
And,...Sometimes, A Rock is Just a Rock, cold, heavy with unattractive sediments, and uglier inside than on the outside. As we get older and wiser we learn to Stop collecting those, and Start tossing them out of our pockets. Life is too short to keep unpleasant things A Stones Throw Away.

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