Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Blessing to Someone Else

Sometimes when you’re at a complete loss and you begin to find yourself questioning “why” things happen or perhaps Keep happening, you should exhale and take a step back. Step far enough back to view your own picture as a spectator. Appraise what is going on Around You in that picture. Are their Others significant to it’s intricacy? Do they appear to be absorbing their interaction with you, perhaps walking away from the scene in a beholden state? See at That moment you have Become a blessing to Someone Else. You have served a splendid purpose bestowed by God and you have acted as his hand in the situation. My friends..God not only works For You he works Through You. And in hindsight, if That doesn’t answer the question to your “whys”...take comfort in knowing that the answers ARE in transit as you are helping someone else find theirs :)

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