Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You to ALL Who Serve!

Many of us find it hard to wish someone a "Happy Veterans Day" simply because of the sacrifices that were and are made by so many selfless men and women. Some have made the Ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our Great country, and for that we should be forever grateful. 

So staying with the theme of this blog. I thought I'd reflect on a simple reason that Veteran's Day SHOULD make us smile. First and foremost, our Freedom. It is very easy to nit pick at the little things and say that "This Country Needs Work"..let's face it, people do it every day. The fact is that our little things are Just That compared to the atrocities that some other countries face as a normal way of life. We should Not forget that our brave soldiers contribute to keeping it that way. 

Suffice it to say..there Are such things as Super Heros! And if you are a parent of a young child your mind can rest at ease knowing that you don't have to resort to comic books or far-fetched stories to pique their interest. Whether you are enlightening a young one or personally in need of uplifting, you can simply Google the story of Any brave soldier near or far and share your inspiration. I don't know about You, but That Alone makes ME Smile :)

Happy Veteran's Day!!

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