Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!

When you wake up this Thanksgiving morning, before your feet even hit the ground close your eyes again and reflect on this past year. Visualize the moments that vehemently stand out ...but Before you proceed I want you to Toss Out ALL of the negative and/or painful memories. ERASE them from this collage that will begin to form in your mind. And as you admire this composite of validity for the smile that will be forming on your face, unite those visions with their respective emotions. Invite your sensory memory in and recall the way you felt during those moments, remember the warmth or chill of even a breeze and scents that are specific to them. And as you begin to relive these times vicariously through your Very Own recall, feel yourself enveloped with positivity and joy then ..say a little prayer of gratitude, because at That Very Moment it couldn’t be More Heartfelt & Genuine. Now THAT is how you want you feet to hit the floor this Thanksgiving morning!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! 

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