Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love Yourself!...Then Love Selflessly!!

Here’s the thing, some of us love Deeply. We simply have no control over it. I’m Not talking about an unhealthy, obsessive, possessive type of love. I’m talking about unconditional, selfless, wholehearted, unadulterated Love for another. The unhealthy version originates from a lack of self love where the benefactor looks to fill a void within themselves by way of obsessing for someone else. The obsession does Not necessarily encompass the physical aspect of being with another but more so, the emotional desire to be desired. Those in a state of misguided love are never fulfilled because the illusions that they create are Just That. 
On a more rewarding note, organic and unadulterated love certainly Does exist. It is an emollient to the soul of one who first recognizes how to love themselves.  There are No expectations of reciprocation to proceed sincerity and No mirages created by wishful thinking. Those on the giving end simply Love selflessly and experience joy in knowing that the recipient was brought into their life for a purpose designed by God. Individuals who are primed to love in this capacity understand that there is much to learn and are genuinely grateful for every moment that their heart is granted contentment. 

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