Sunday, January 22, 2012

Approach Conflict from Love

There are Many challenges that we will encounter in our relationships. We sometimes have a tendency to throw both heels in the sand and attempt to stand our ground without the slightest Desire to sincerely comprehend the other person’s point of view. Understand that it’s okay to feel fervent about an issue however, resilience requires us to have the ability to adapt to unforeseen, unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable changes. If the feeling Is uncomfortable is it simply due to the circumstances being atypical to what you are accustomed to Or is it truly irrational or morally twisted? Keep in mind that although we should never compromise our integrity, relationships Do Require Compromise to thrive. Try taking a step back as a spectator for a moment to gain a different perspective. Then, Ask yourself what the risk is versus the reward. 
How much to you value this relationship? Has it enhanced your life or hindered your happiness?...And Be Honest about it. If you choose the middle ground Let Go of your apprehension and Do So with an Open Mind And and an Open Heart. Then exhale and Move Forward with Positivity and the Love in your heart that guided you towards that choice. Now That is the Perfect starting point! :)

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